Black Cop

by Black Cop

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released July 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Black Cop Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: Brain Container
sit & stare
at the wall
nothing to do
so fuck you
cloud my judgment
but i see through

this is just the way things are
everything's fucked and we fall apart

seeking approval
no sympathy
forced to live
as if we're free

killing yourself
just killing time
can't change a thing
and that's just fine

make the worst
of what we believe
heart attacks worn on our sleeves

put up with this
for so long
i don't care
i don't belong
Track Name: Still An Erba Dealer
faith in failure
ruined it all
nail me to the fucking wall
cause i don't care at all
burn alive
from 9 to 5
head full of knives
no compromise

what the fuck am i supposed to do
this is nothing new

falling forwards
take me back
mind erodes
the ceiling cracks

everyday's the fucking same
watch my life go down the drain
i'd be out in a minute if i knew the way
but i'll just roll over and regurgitate

it happens over again & over again it won't go away
don't know how much more i can take
countdown the days til i can leave this place for good
the lines on my face will tell you the same
Track Name: Cheap Kicks
sit and talk
it's all you do
want all the credit to go to you
nothing of substance
nothing real
looking for a quick fix
you make me sick

make mistakes
never learn
take and take
nothing earned
all for show
no commitment
fuck you and your stupid shit

hollowed out
you're fooling no one
hollowed out
see right through
hollowed out
sold yourself stupid
hollowed out
you lose

keep fucking searching
to no avail
your pathetic excuses
you're doomed to fail
this is it
i've had enough
no more shit
shut the fuck up
Track Name: Junk Science
never felt so far removed
sick of this place & sick of you
i've got nothing left to do
nothing but my mind to lose
rammed down my throat, nothing to say
no room to breathe, i fade away

i never liked it here anyway

feel disposed, self imposed
stay away, i might explode

bridges burned with best intent
redesigned to open plan dead ends
good ideas just blight the rent
everyday's a job & i'm fucking spent

so what the fuck did you expect
and what could possibly happen next
no choice but to disconnect
and stay vexed in this fucking wreck

wrap my hands around my own neck
i didn't ask for any of this

nothing we say could ever be enough
no power, no luck
give over, we're fucked
Track Name: No Reply
time for action
too fucking late
nothing left
you're to blame

do it yourself
what's it for
check your isms at the door

(gun) run your mouth
it's untrue
sit on the fence
enjoy the view

who's keeping score?
martyr or a moron
od on boredom
die ignored

single issue
standard issue
true til death
get a clue

choking on the shit you spin
you've blown your brains out pissing in the wind

can't listen to reason
without ears to hear
survey the fucking damage
pick a side and disappear

you haven't got the answers
and you'll get no reply
scrutinise the small talk
to help you sleep at night

might as well
only in it for yourself
Track Name: Today Was An Idiot
wake up inside out every morning
head full of bog choked awake
ill at ease without warning
my brain's draining by the fucking day

lobotomise me, i'm not having a good time
life's a joke & i'm the fucking punchline

spend days dying on my feet
waste nights clawing back what day denies
leave work alone but thoughts follow me home
if i want to die, i'll do it on my own

no one to blame but myself
four walls, dead head in a cell
talk myself down for another day
wouldn't make a difference anyway
Track Name: This Town Is A Sinkhole
this overexposure
is wearing thin
everyday's a struggle
but it doesn't mean a fucking thing

reality crisis
you're starting to slip
losing focus
losing your grip

you can tell yourself a fucking thousand times
this never was & it couldn't be real life

cultural collusion
state of apathy
it's all smoke and bullshit
you couldn't call this free

meaningless, scream for validation til your last breath
give it a rest, what'll you do when there's nothing left
under duress, praying for an accident
self control, doesn't make it matter any less

lights are off, nobody's home
no stone unturned, you'll still die on your own
buried alive in your comfort zone
gathering dust & swallowed whole

as if anyone fucking cares
opinions formed then moving on won't take you out of here

you can tell yourself a fucking thousand times
this never was & it couldn't be real life
empty vessels drowning in denial
our mouths are sewn shut & amplified
Track Name: Orko Dio
someone help me
it's an emergency
this adult crash
is killing me

sucks the life
right out of me
going out my head
just for reprieve

i know nothing but what i knew
still fucking screaming, can't get through
i'm about to blow my fuse
you cut me, bullshit i bleed
i can't get any fucking sleep
everyone i see is an enemy
and i grind my teeth

proud and sick and stupid
knew it all along
might have high expectations
but you're still fucking wrong

never tried, no drive
i just want to die

never listened, never learned
going nowhere, now it's my turn