I'm A Cop

from by Black Cop



i'm set straight for another day
guess i just don't feel the same
got no values, no fucking brain
scream til it all makes sense again

might as well live in hell
nothing of me left to sell
couldn't care less, i'm a fucking mess
passed my best and bored to death

it's all so few and far between
these fucking headaches and shortcomings
must be a better way of doing things
cause i'm so fucking empty

feeling fucked, not giving up
this'll make the worst of us
idiot bliss, wake up in piss
kick the chair, you won't be missed

fucking spent and i resent it
none of this makes any sense
modern life is retrograde
trading critical thought for a criminal wage
take it away, it's all been a waste
take it away, no chance to change
only exist to asphyxiate
it's safe to say i always hated this place


from Black Cop 7", released June 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Black Cop Glasgow, UK

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